Friday, August 20, 2010

Robyn live for iheartradio

Finally we've got ability to watch Robyn's live performances made for iheartradio in great quality and it's 4 brilliant performances of Robyn's most significant last singles "Hang With Me", "Dancing On My Own", "With Every Heartbeat", old classics "Show Me Love" and cover of Alicia Keys' "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart".
Thanx for the tips to We Are Pop Slags blog.

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

That Alicia Keys cover! As the old cliche goes, she "made that song her own".

Robyn = always fabulous.

Damian said...

I understand you Laura, it sounds like 100% Robyn's classic song in this arrangement, it could easily be on new Robyn's album and would organically fit it completely.

Rockbjörnen Crew said...

I think this information could be of your interest:

Tonight, August the 24th, Robyn will perform a unique interactive concert for fans all over the world. The concert is acoustic, a bit shorter than usual, and provides a way for international fans to get a glimpse of the Swedish superstar. The concert is streamed through a never-before-seen digital setting where the audience can interact with Robyn by using different tools, such as chatting with the artist and other people in the audience using Facebook connect, request a song, clap their hands etc. What makes this concert so unique is that the artists can follow the interaction live from the stage and respond directly to the audience. This is made possible by using real-time messaging cloud which connects thousands of people simultaneously and presents live figures of the interactions taking place.

The concert starts at 8:55 PM CET (2:55 PM east coast time). Tickets are free of coast and available here