Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ola reveals tracklist of "Ola"

It's just 20 days till new Ola's album titled... "Ola"(!!!) will be released on Septemer 15th and we've got cover and tracklist already today. As you can see below it's just 10 songs but I have no doubts it will be totally great stuff at least 4 of songs was already released and they are not less than good but mostly amazing and I'm not leaving hope (or should I?) that "All Over The World" wil be released as single as its clearly one of the best pop-songs of this year. How come we don't have tracklist of EMD's album that's released already tomorrow?

1. All Over The World
2. Unstoppable (The Return Of Natalie)
3. Y.T.G
4. Riot
5. Overdrive
6. Beautiful Rain
7. Busy Doing Nothing
8. Still Remember
9. Let It Hit You
10. Twisted Memories

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Paul said...

hmmm, well i love the cover and in a way, it's quite good that they haven't just replicated the EP tracks - most people will just add it into the collection anyway. really looking forward to this :)

Damian said...

It's becoming quite popular practice to release part of the album digitally and then to release full of it and it's smart way actually - you promote your stuff and these few tracks are more welcome by hungry fans than later in bulk. Pity that by this logics we're gonna get only half of new tracks on Gravitonas' forthcoming album.

Julian said...

I'm glad the album is finally out, and I have to agree with Paul, I like the cover. But I'm *VERY* disappointed in a tracklist of ONLY 10 songs of which 4 (!!) are already released. He could've just released another EP instead. That's really odd. Well, at least I finally get the "iTunes only" tracks on a CD with credits! ^^

Anything known yet about the writer credits of the unreleased tracks? Any more Alexander Kronlund involved?? :-D

Damian said...

I hope we'll get some bonus-tracks Julian as 10 tracks is really not enough for artists like Ola having such a strong songwriting and producing team.

Unfortunately there's no sign of Alexander Kronlund yet but if he's already made 3 tracks we have a hope for a few others! :)

Jordanavia said...

Julian - Ola's 'co-written' his album with Alex, so I think most of the songs are written with/by him...
I know Ola rang Alex during Christmas Eve dinner with the family to sing him a bit of a 'Beautiful Rain' down the phone that they desperately needed... haha

(That's my music video too!!)

Damian said...

You have realy nice videos on your channel Jordan :) Ola is one big lucky guy to have such a reliable supporters :)