Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another pleasant evening in Skansen

August returned loads of viewers back to tv-screen and crisis of Allsång på Skansen seems to disappear.
No secrets who was the most expected person by Swedish Stereo in this episode - Linda Sundblad who gets my eternal credits for her contribution in Lambretta - one of the best Swedish rock-bands ever.
Linda performed her single "To All My Girls" co-written with Max Martin and Alexander Kronlund following images and choreography from music video and amazing version of "Over The Rainbow" perfectly fiting Linda's voice. Among another modern pop-acts you could also see Mange Shmidt with 2 hits "Allvarligt talat" and "Giftig", first performance featured famous Swedish producer Christian Falk's daughter Vanessa, real discovery of the night (was new Swedish dance-princess just born?), hope soon we'll hear more about this girl with such a stunning vocal. Second Mange's performance was supported by another popular Swedish artist - Thomas Rusiak. Pop-star of 80s Jakob Hellman has also made its comeback to a big stage and seems like it was big event for many fans in Sweden.
Foreign guests The Baseballs performed their rockabilly covers for Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" and choir of Alsång performed original version of recently reborn hit "We No Speak Americano" and finally happened something totally unexpected, performance that completely destroyed my mind and made me watch it at least 10 times, I mean performance of Finnish shouters-choir Huutajat, I guess I didn't see such a crazy things if not years then months fo sure, you need to also!

Linda Sundblad - To All My Girls
Linda Sundblad - Over The Rainbow
Vanessa Falk - Private Party
Mange Schmidt & Vanessa Falk - Allvarligt talat
Mange Schmidt och Thomas Rusiak - Giftig
Jakob Hellman - Hon har ett sätt
Jakob Hellman - Vara vänner
Huskören - We No Speak Americano
The Baseballs - Hot N Cold
The Baseballs - Umbrella
Huutajat - Trollmors vaggsång
Huutajat - Stockholm i mitt hjärta
Huutajat - Amsterdam Treaty

3 коммент.:

Paul said...

I'm actually quite fond of The Baseballs, but i think it's time now for them to do some more up to date material. Perhaps some Poker Face which I know they've performed live before, some Dancing On My Own and maybe even All The Lovers!!

Damian said...

They seem to be really in demand in Europe so I thing that new stuff is just a question of time, I don't thinl Dancing On My Own will be in their priorities but I don't have doubts we'll get some cool Gaga's cover :) All The Lovers would sound great in this style as well, though probably it would sound great in any style :)

Anonymous said...

You should definately check out this documentary when it comes to Huutajat: