Friday, August 6, 2010

Patrik Öhlund & Erika Selin - For You

Today one of our favorite Swedish Idol participants Erika Selin celebrates 19th birthday, our warmest congratulations come to her and isn't it great for artist to celebrate it with new release?
Erika united forces to reach post-Idol success with another participant of Idol-2009 Patrik Öhlund and they release new single "For You", written by Patrik and his wife Madelene Hamberg-Öhlund.
Idol wasn't the first huge tv-contest for Patrik Öhlund though, he participated in Fame Factory before and used to release some solo-stuff before visiting casting of Idol and reaching public voting unfortunately this rock-fellow wasn't estimated by audience quite well to pass to Friday's evening shows but another part of this duo - Erika Selin has managed and what a brilliant set of performances she has done! Actually Erika wasn't absolutely new for Idol and she tried to enter year ago but failed to reach public voting just one step before it. She didn't waste her time and tried to practice her skills, performing a lot and participating in different contests and that's when she's got to my personal spot - when I've found one of her impressive performances of Sarah Dawn Finer's "Moving On" cover. Finally entering Idol this 18-years old girl showed shockingly stunning vocals giving every week very self-confident strong performance, I was lucky enough to meet her once after her performance and was pleasantly surprised what a sweet, shy and charming person she is in real life.

Erika Selin on Idol 2008
Erika Selin - A Moment Like This
Erika Selin - Bless the Broken Road (Rascal Flatts)
Erika Selin - Show Me Heaven (Maria McKee)
Erika Selin - About You Now (Sugababes)
Erika Selin - Beat It (Michael Jackson)
Erika Selin - Here Without You (3 Doors Down)
Erika Selin - Sway (Perez Prado & Rosemary Clooney)

Soon Erika's list of achievements was filled with performance of huge Melodifestivalen-2009 hit "Kom" demo being sung by Timoteij afterwards. Unfortunately she couldn't participate with this song herself as one of MF-principles is not to involve last season Idols. However Erika would really like to participate in MF in future and that's the wish I totally support as well.

Right now Patrik and Erika supported by label Sweden Songs prepared release of new single "For You", it's a delicate rock-ballad with nostalgic 90s feeling and beautiful instrumental part with a soft touch of Billie Myers' "Kiss the Rain". Let's wish all the best to this new-born duo.

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