Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gravitonas - The Hypnosis EP

New large portion of music from Gravitonas is oficially delivered and we're immediately checking what new group's EP "The Hypnosis" is made of!
First track of EP is "Religious" that's gonna be released as the second single of Gravitonas and I would call it light brother of previously released single "Kites" that sounds more mystical and dark. "Religious" is gently starting with touching piano-part full of "My Immortal" sadness constantly growing with a dance beat flashing out with choruses based on choir singing "religious", track is on the same meditative frequency as "Kites" but prefers to charm listener in its own way. After religious meditation "Realm Of The Senses" is more directly appealing, life asserting track that wakes you up with a hard beat and infectious chorus. "Shameless" presented before at Love Stockholm 2010 was expected to be great track but even more - it turned to be the greatest track of EP in my opinion, powerful gutar-based rock-choruses with ecstatic culmination mark completely new side of Alexander Bard's music obviously influenced by rock-roots of Andreas. "Live Wire" sounds quite different from all the rest of EP, it's rhytmic joyfull pop-song with Tarantino-guitar, vibratto-filtered Andreas vocal and alien-computerized "taram-tam-tam" catchy chorus, leaving proper taste to be eager to listen all the rest of tracks of forthcoming Gravitonas' album that's gonna be released very soon!

5 коммент.:

Paul said...

It's all just so magnificent! Pop communion! I adore Religious the most, just find it amazing but i really love Shameless a lot :)

RV said...

For me it's "Religious" that sounds like PERFECTION
it deserved its status of 2nd single for sure !
I can't wait for the remixes package :)
When is the full album out ???

Damian said...

I'm falling for Religious more and more guys, so it seems just like it turned grower for me when Shameless striked me directly.

Debut album of Gravitonas is sheduled for the seconf half of September RV. So it's not so long to wait :)

bwo owb said...

always the same but still very good

Anonymous said...

Love "Shameless" I hope it's the next single... followed by "Religious".