Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wish-list for Idol-2010 (part II)

My second part of Idol-2010 wish-list is on the way. Best Idol-show in the world will get it's continuation very soon, so you're probably gonna be interested in some precious talents left outside the border of qualification to understand the level of the show.

Sweden has got its own Beyonce! Sadijeh Nuredini, girl with very original and complicated voice has entered previous casting with Beyonce's stuff and sure vocal was appreciated by jury quite far to give girl golden ticket to Stockholm. She didn't went further to audience voting evenings because of not complete readiness for a big stage and lack of experience but girl has so much potential to grow.

Isn't it lovely when little shy girl's coming to Idol-casting and demonstating schockingly strong loud vocal? That what made 2 years ago Anna Bergendahl and this is what I guess will always will be quite in demand. Antonia Szabo was one of many candidates who chose Christina Aguilera's "Hurt" to show full power of their voices and this time it was pretty successful choice, check this performance with a loud sound and I promise you'll get a loads of goosebumps.

Unfortunately I discovered Andreas Wijk only after casting, he had not best choice of songs shown on Idol casting but when I checked information about him recently I've found out that guy is a big youtube favorite, and it's well-deserved. His Robyn's cover of "Be Mine" is just amazing, I'd even say not any worse than original, what a beautiful soft vocal! You should also check some other videos with him on youtube and check his blog, I guess soon this guy will become a real star.

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Poster Girl said...

That version of "Be mine" is beautiful. It's always such a heartrending song, but what Andreas sounds like on it definitely has me hoping we'll get to hear him singing original material.

Damian said...

You should check some other Andreas' covers on youtube PG, he has pretty a lot of beautiful stuff. I wonder how simple Robyn's songs can sound from the first listen and how deep this stuff can be actually, "Be Mine" seems to be great stuff for some unique voices.