Sunday, August 1, 2010

Melostars at Stockholm Pride week

During Stockholm Pride week Linda Bengtzing, Anna Bergehdahl, Jill Johnson, Sarah Dawn Finer and Magnus Carlsson gave English interviews to oikotimes and great news are that both Magnus and Linda are definitely want to come back to a big spotlight of future Melodifestivalen. Linda seems to be especially eager about comeback. Unfortunately Sarah is not so eager about it but doesn't want to say she'll never do it again. Well, you'd better check it yourself right below.

Interview with Sarah Dawn Finer
Interview with Anna Bergehdahl
Interview with Magnus Carlsson
Interview with Jill Johnson
Interview with Linda Bengtzing

And you can also check some well-recorded performances during last week. Second record of Rebound's performance is a bit distorted with agonizing dying fans but this is what actually makes me laugh to tears everytime I hear it.

MaryJet - Dear Mr. President
Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life
Björn Skifs - Fångad i en dröm
Shirley Clamp - Min kärlek
Shirley Clamp - Med Hjärtat Fyllt Av Ljus, Att älska dig
Jan Johansen - Se på mig
Jill Johnson - Crazy in love
Göran Fristorp (Nova) - Sommaren Som Aldrig Säger Nej
Svenne and Lotta - Bang A Boomerang
Christer Sjögren - I Love Europe

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Paul said...

That looks like it would have been amazing. I wish more people would do that for the UK prides - or at least the London one :)

Anonymous said...

I missed the performance with Jonathan Fagerlund. Is there any video available from that anywhere? I would really like to see it. :)

Damian said...

Oh yes Paul how great it would be to get some top British pop-stars together on such huge events! Unfortunately for now it stays just a dream :(

I'm really looking for any information about performance of Jonathan and Sandra but unfortunately can't find neither video nor even picture and start to think it was cancelled.

Anonymous said...

I have friends that watched him perform so it wasn't cancelled. He even posted pictures from it in is blogg.

Damian said...

Wow!!! What a great shot of Sandra and Jonathan, Jonathan's promising in his blog that video will be up soon so we have a hope that if no one else will upload video we'll however get it right from him.

Poster Girl said...

Yes! Melodifestivalen wouldn't be the same without lovely Linda. She's never sung anything less than a fantastic track there (I love how she talks about falling in love with "Victorious," but I'm kind of glad it didn't make the cut--I don't love it nearly as much as her other three entries). I'd love Magnus back, too. I'll have to listen to his interview next.

Anonymous said...

hey I live in Sweden and I can strongly recommend Tove Östman Force from 2009 idol she is a really good artist go to youtube and search any of these:
Tove Östman Strength - The sky is blue innocent
Tove Östman Strength - Mack the Knife
Tove Östman Strength - We're Not Living In America
Tove Östman Strength - Hot 'n' Cold
Tove Östman strength - all these things That I've Done
Tove Östman Strength - Life on Mars
Tove Östman Strength - Sweet Dreams
Tove Strength, Since You Been Gone
Tove Östman Strength - Pride
Tove Östman Strength - The Greatest Love Of All

Anonymous said...

hey, I again wrote to the person you were searching on tove!
I forgot where it says Force, delete it because it is wrong! <3

Damian said...

Thanx so much for recommendation, I adore Tove and she was one of my biggest faves in previous season of Idol, I devoted one of my posts to her.

You know PG, I also really like Victorious but I realize it wouldn't be high on MF, probably even was left in semifinal and could completely bury further attempts of Linda like Velvet's The Queen or Alcazar's Headlines. Well, time for some schlager-veterans to come back ;)

Anonymous said...

Jonathan posted the video today! You gotta love them!!

Damian said...

Thanx so much! They both are so funny and lovely persons but I though that they will be singing something together, hope it will end up finally in a music collaboration.