Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sibel, Rebound and Kevin Borg in Fort Boyard

Idol's team consisting of winner-2008 Kevin Borg, Melodifestivalen-star Sibel Redzep and new public favorites Eddie Razaz and Rabih Jaber have taken part in new season of "Fångarna på Fortet" competing with team of Let's Dance show participants. Sure it was interesting to see these artists climbing the walls, guessing riddles and passing different challenges to earn enough of keys earlier than their rivals to get to a next level. Eddie Razaz was pure star of team winning two challenges (third was won by Kevin) but it wasn't enough and Let's Dance team continued the game without Idols. In next episodes you'll also be able to see other Swedish stars: Anna Book, Arash, Blossom Tainton-Lindquist (Afro-dite), Denise "DeDe" Lopez, Henrik Rongedal, Joacim Cans (HammerFall), Johan Palm, Jonas "Basshunter" Altberg, Pernilla Wahlgren, Regina Lund, Richard Herrey (Herreys), Sara Lumholdt (A-Teens) and Stefan Nykvist (Larz-Kristerz). Check episode with Idol's team rigth below.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

nice, but i'll take more Kevin music please. there was quite a lot i appreciated about his first album :)

Damian said...

Ha, yes, well however his activity means he's still not forgotten and TV needs him, he says he's recording new stuff so I think soon we'll get something. Finally he participated in national final to ESC in Malta, so he can try send entry to MF.