Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kim Fransson - Worn Out Sail

It was pretty silent around ex-participant of popular TV-show Made In Sweden Kim Fransson since he has broken up with producers accusing them of stopping collaboration and no activity and contacts regarding his career. Kim has started quite successfuly releasing #1 single "3 Floors Down" and well charted album but after the conflict audience didn't see and hear a lot of him.
However Kim was signed by Held Management - the same company that works with Anders Fernette, The Poodles and Lillasyster and earlier this year was singing backing vocals behind Anders Fernette at Melodifestivalen. Talking about Kim's own stuff, last year he has recorded duo "Long Long Night" with ex-Idol Robin Bengtsson and few other lovely produced pop-rock songs that we surprisingly like more than everything else on his debut album (you can listen to them on Kim's site).
But the track that has caught our attention mostly was "Worn Out Sail" - huge emotional pop-ballad produced by Peter "Bassflow" Boström starting very softly almost like lulluby and getting big stadium rock-feeling in chorus with Kim's husky voice though all hints at rock-sound are replaced with amazing synth-arrangement reminding a bit Roxette's single-version of "Speak To Me" that Peter worked with. We really hope that this track will bring Kim back to the radio and wide audience as it seems like he has much more to give in future.

3 коммент.:

Ubbe said...

Holy Moses, what a voice this guy has! Loved his album and have been waiting for something new. This song is totally amazing!

Anna said...

What happened to Janet? :)

Damian said...

Yep, I also love it, Ubbe, as all songs on his site. I think we're gonna see him at next MF, it will be a proper new push for his career.

Janet records some demos, plays in musicals but seems like don't plan to come back in a close future so nothing's to say confidently.