Thursday, June 23, 2011

Malena Ernman - I Det Fria

Melodifestivalen-2009 winner Malena Ernman will release new opera album "Opera Dei Fiori" on July 6. Seems like the contest has given really big push to career of Malena, it's already 3rd album for just 2 years and like both previous - post-MF "La voix du nord" and Christmas "Santa Lucia - En klassisk Jul" charted at #1 and #2 we can expect huge success for a new one too. Schlager-fans will probably still be disappointed as Malena's not going to come back to her pop-experiments and we find this solution pretty wise as it's the most important thing after MF - to find non-schlager niche and to do the most to establish yourself there making people forget about your schlager-label and Malena has her fantastic voice, charisma and uniqueness to do it.
Still new album contains one pleasant surprise for all pop-fans - brand new single "I Det Fria" written by Fredrik Kempe and Malena's husband Svante Thunberg, produced by Danne Sundquist and it's right that sort of epic nordic opera-ballads with Swedish folk-touch and huge orchestral arrangement you can expect from author of "My Heart Is Yours" but still making a big step from pop to opera and folk. It's as massive as you'd love it to be so I know you're gonna enjoy it!

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