Friday, June 3, 2011

Basic Element - Turn Me On

Basic Element are back with new single "Turn Me On" though it really feels like guys never disappeared. One year ago last summer band has presented single "Got U Screaming" and they don't leave this summer without new hit as well.
I guess I shouldn't talk too much about "Turn Me On" as guys obviously don't try to fix what works good for them and actually we don't mind. Eurodance tracks with catchy melodies and explosive choruses are always welcome in our music universe, the only small difference with previous singles like "Touch You Right Now" is that sound this time is a bit darker and doesn't kick straight like it usually does. Still you're gonna love this song if you loved other Basic Element's works. Video is like in a case of "Got U Screaming" is just a tour documentary but you have to check it at least to enjoy the song.

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