Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nation X - Revolution!

What can happen when some huge names of Swedish music unite efforts to create big summer hit? Minimum - nothing bad, maximum - big summer hit, though you'll decide yourself now.
Alex Papaconstantinou (Elena Paparizou, Anna Vissi, Sarbel, Arash), Robert Uhlmann (Velvet, Josefine Ridell, Arash), Adam Baptiste (Darin, Elena Paparizou, Anna Vissi) with help of Ali Payami, Fritz Wehner, Jesper Zar and Tobi Lustigman have written new summer anthem "Revolution!" and have presented it under name Nation X - track intended to call for a freedom and to draw attention to current political situation in the world with hot dance rhytms, light Romanian club-vibes and saxophone that seems to be still on fire in dance music due to recent Alexandra Stan's success.

2 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

Alexandra Stan- girl with no voice at all...Paparizou and Arash another kind of musical trash.I believed that romanians are extremly poor when it comes to musical culture but it seems that the rest of the Europe has the same level.Or even worse since Inna started her career abroad not even a concert here:P
Anyway, keep up with the good work and listen to real music meantime:

Damian said...

Everyone has its own "real" standarts and there's no better or worse music, just some we like and some we don't, I prefer to categorize music different. Like modern or not, qualitative and not really. Alexandra has her feature to catch people, not that I'm her fan but artists like her make the world put attention to Romanian music and it's a positive thing.