Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dead By April - Within My Heart

Pop-metal explosion of 2009 Dead By April are back with new single "Within My Heart" and plans to release their second album soon.
Two years ago Myspace-page success grown band has made its #1 hit "Losing You" with band's fame spreading fast internationally making fanbase far outside of Sweden giving Dead By April contract with Universal and debut album "Dead By April" that reached #2 in Swedish albums chart. Since that band has managed to change one of founders and even has appeared at this year's Melodifestivalen with Lena Philipsson performing English metal-cover of her hit "Dansa I Neon" - "Dancing In The Neon Light" which has immediately reached the top of iTunes-chart and undoubtfully has become a big highlight of the contest.
Now we've got the first single "Within My Heart" from the next album and it sounds as good as we expected with top-quality heavy sound and fantastic heartbreaking melody, the only thing we don't find attractive is screaming part though we rarely get screaming in music but however in a full pack it all sounds great.

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