Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cameron Cartio - Electric

Do you remember Cameron Cartio - Iranian-born singer who participated in Melodifestivalen-2005 and reached Second Chance with his entry "Roma"? Song has peaked at #4 in national chart and later Cameron has released his debut album "Borderless" that hasn't made a big buzz in sales but still Cameron has got the name and later has appeared on singles of Edurne "Don't Tell Me Tonight" (especially recommended for all Swedish-Greek Eurovision pop lovers) and Sarbel "Mi Chica".
Now Cameron's back with the first single "Electric" from upcoming album - Melody Club's Persian cover and great songwriting team standing behind his new stuff - Johan Bejerholm and Anderz Wrethov who previously worked together on Arash's and Günther's music and talking about "Electric" - it actually sounds pretty close too original version beefed up with dance Eastern-breathing rhytms, really good track to give a rebirth to. Second and third Cameron's singles are already on the way!

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