Thursday, June 2, 2011

Veronica Maggio - Satan i Gatan

Veronica Maggio's new album "Satan i Gatan" can already be called a big success, in a first week of sales it has debuted at #1 with all 11 tracks getting into singles-chart (10 have filled Top-30, do you remember anything like this? I don't!), next week it has become golden and it's still on the top of Swedish chart.
The biggest success of Veronica ever. And was it rightful? Absolutely! "Satan i Gatan" has become very delicate soft work with airlight melodies and fairy atmosphere sounding like nowhere else. Sure, it's not completely true. As I told you before album is produced by Christian Walz and sometimes it sounds like Christian's album he hasn't released himself but it's ok as we love his own music and the album wasn't disappointment to us.
Two of the biggest hits from the album are "Välkommen in" and "Mitt hjärta blöder" and already now you can check the first one in a new video-teaser from "Satan i Gatan" series and another at presentation of the album. Very nice to see Christian on the stage singing with Veronica, fantastic team!

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