Monday, June 13, 2011

DJ Méndez - Josephine

Who could expect DJ Méndez after such a long time without fresh singles, news, completely everything promising this hit-machine is gonna get back? However the wait is over as Méndez presents his brand new single "Josephine".
Almost 13 years passed since Leopoldo Jorge Méndez Alcayaga has released his debut album "Latino For Life" and few years later its follow-up "Mendez" giving the world hits like "Razor Tongue", "Fiesta" and "Cross The Border", has become runner-up of Melodifestivalen-2002 with the song "Adrenaline" and has taken part in a year with another entry "Carnaval". Mendez hasn't stopped on this and since that has released whole series of new albums which were not so successful in Sweden but have given one well-charted song "Is That OK?" though.
This year Mendez presents new album "Made In Chile" with summer single "Josephine" in support. Mendez doesn't change his successful formula, it's a dance heavily latino-flavoured track with catchy hit-chorus and hot criminal story in video. We're enjoying it a lot, hope you will too!

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