Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ola - Riot (video)

Let's have a video Wednesday today, nothing but new videos from artists you should know if you regularly read this blog. Two long-awaited and one unxpected but very welcome.
First video is from Ola whose next single is another album-track "Riot". Previously we told you about promising teaser of the video and as we expected video has become quite dark and full of exotic characters - Russian mafioso, dancing mummies, giant voodoo dolls, robots... Scary? Nope, just nice dance-video with pop-energizer Ola (I still want this jacket made of broken mirror!!!) and one of our favorite tracks from this album that was released 9 months ago but we're not tired of it still!

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Paul said...

it still sounds great after all this time. Like a male kesha! I surely must do a video breakdown to this...