Friday, June 17, 2011

Le Kid starting summer vacation on SVT

Few days ago Le Kid has appeared with absolutely enjoyable acoustic set in XL Live and we're glad to show you another new set they've made at kids tv-show Sommarlov and this time to our great pleasure they haven't missed their Melodifestivalen "Oh My God" with brand new single "America" in studio version and full-mode joy.
Regarding other (sad) band's news release of "Oh Alright" album was moved to September 7th and Anton won't be able to perform all the time with the band and will be replaced by Sugarplum Fairy's Jonas Karlsson (it's not sad news actually - we always welcome new talented people in Le Kid Family).

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Rao! said...

What happened to Märta between Oh My God and America? Did she swim or something? hahahah
She's all wet for the second song!

Poster Girl said...

Oh no! I missed the news about the album getting pushed back. Well, whatever they need to do to have enough publicity for it to sell well, I guess, but if the series of singles they've put out to this point hasn't caught enough of Sweden's attention, I'm not sure what will.

It's lovely to get to see them perform.

(Hat at Rao's observation!)

Paul said...

so sad that the album won't be out until September. That is a bummer :/ And I'll miss Anton too :(

Damian said...

It's a good point to think about, PG, I'm trying to analyze what can go better from not (or easily) promoted stuff. Maybe "We Are The Drums" or "Escape"..."Escape" would be a good Autumn single and non-fans audience don't know about the song. However it would be weird if promotion finished with "America" that didn't succeed. It's too risky to release album without new potential hits for guys so I hope singles aren't over.

I guess Märta took part in one of this show's kids contests. They've made Jedwards measure water's temperature going swimming.