Sunday, June 19, 2011

Newkid - Jag Gråter Bara I Regnet

Young hip-hop artist Alexander JR Ferrer presented eponymous album under name Newkid this spring, work that we could've missed if we didn't discover track I'm gonna tell you about. This song has made us pay attention to the album that turned to be quite qualitative mix of hip-hop, r'n'b and pop with fellow definitely having something to tell to his public and to do on the stage.
But let's get back to the reason causing this article - "Jag Gråter Bara I Regnet" - one of a kind song of this album that we wouldn't be surprised to see on Oskar Linnros' or Veronica Maggio's albums. Being fan of Scandinavian music I can't help but mention associations with Danish pop generously powdered with electronic sound and with such a soft hip-hop touch that we wouldn't dare to categorize this track at all. We'll be just enjoying it and acoustic performance that you can also check below.

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