Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alex Saidac - We Shine (video)

Another today's video premiere is provided by our new pop-sweetheart Alex Saidac, we were utterly excited by her debut single "We Shine", by teaser of her video, by remix, by everything this girl has presented so far and finally we get the video and expect it to become the best Swedish pop-video of this year (at least I can't remember directly we had something better).
We love idea of Alex driving in her jeep around frozen city to warm up the party with her hot track, bunch of dancers wearing light cables (another lovely idea!) and Jakke "The Pusher" Erixson as a DJ. Alex looks all sorts of fab and big Melodifestivalen dancers gang is on the place, everything's jumping, dancing and delivering mass of club-joy. We love the video and we love Alex! Cuz we all shine!

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Anonymous said...

This certainly isn't my cup of tea:);)!... Too much strange sounds and not much real music. Even i can't understand, can she sing properly, or not:):) Sorry:)