Friday, June 3, 2011

Eric Saade feat. J-Son - Hearts In The Air

Eric Saade is back to Sweden after his success at Eurovision and already full of plans for this summer and year in common.
Sure the most important forthcoming event is release of his double album and the first part "Saade Vol.1" will be released already on June 29th. Tracklist is announced and we've already heard the most of its tracks (at least samples). Apart from singles "Still Loving It", "Popular" and new one "Hearts In The Air", Eric has presented also "Timeless", "Killed By A Cop" and "Echo" and due to what we've heard main trend of the album is modern radio-friendly melodic stuff that sounds like definite change from the first album that was compilation of boyband-pop, Kempe-schlagers and other pop-experiments to something more smooth and holding one direction.
Right now as I've mentioned Eric releases new single "Hearts In The Air" co-written by Eric and J-Son with Jason Gill, Robin Fredriksson and Mattias Larsson, much more interesting and modern Swedish dance-pop-track than "Popular" melodically relating to what we could hear in Agnes' or Ola's hits but with its own forming electronic sound.
The most of album tracks were written by the same team, you can check the list on Poster Girl blog where we borrow studio-record of "Hearts In The Air" in high quality.

Hearts In The Air (feat. J-Son) by poppostergirl

And as bonus don't forget to check recently released Soundfactory mix of "Popular", they've released whole pack. So don't hesitate to check!

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