Saturday, June 4, 2011

Maria: Radioactive and Out Of Control

I absolutely can not hold myself from sharing with you recently discovered gorgeous piece of pop-music, to be exactly even two pieces produced by one of our favorite songwriters - Anderz Wrethov together with Denniz Jamm for new Swedish pop-artist Maria.
As we understand project hasn't started yet so there's no stories for now and what we have is just two recorded songs "Radioactive" and "Out Of Control" sounding like Anderz solo-stuff meets Gunther and visits Elin Lanto. At least "Radioactive" really feels like "Discotheque" with its heavy beat and amazing artist's attitude when "Out Of Control" plays on the field of Rihanna's "Don't Stop The Music" but with appreciable Wrethov-sound and if you don't realize yet how great this poptastic combination should sound check yourself below.
Regarding other Anderz' news - he has recorded official anthem of Sweden on Women's World Cup to be held this year in Germany. It's called "One Love One Goal" and it sounds as anthemic as it should be leaving light impression like if Brian Adams would decide to sing new Enigma's single. You can listen to it here! Song will be released as new Anderz' single on June 10th.

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