Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Full Of Keys - All The Roses

Today I'd like to tell you about release which is so brilliant that I can only keep wondering why it's not a massive hit yet. However it's already added to playlist on P3 and gets reviews in Swedish press so popularity is just a question of time.
Full Of Keys is absolutely fresh alternative one girl project, she is Anni Bernhard and she's from Stockholm. With the help of producers Robin Palmqvist and Chad Neale who used to previously work with artists like Moby and Sting Anni has recorded debut single "All The Roses" - dark mix of authentic ragged Björk's melodics, expressive desperation of Evanescence and delicate electronic sound of Imogen Heap.
Release has got remix from Mister Monell who previously worked with The
Sounds, Emmon and Alice in Videoland and amazing video directed by Tony Aloha (maybe too tough sometimes so hold on!). You can check both below.

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Lorelay said...

She is really great. I love it.