Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mohombi - Coconut Tree ft. Nicole Scherzinger (video)

After "Bumpy Ride" has become double platinum Mohombi's hit in Sweden (not mentioning all those multiple charts across Europe where this song has got to the tops) talented artist makes another successful shot with new single "Coconut Tree" featuring Nicole Scherzinger. Single has got golden status in Sweden and Mohombi unleashes new video for this song.
It's already fourth video (though not even year has passed since "Bumpy Ride"'s arrival) and it's all sorts of eye candy for everyone with wild nature, wild half-naked couple of lovely artists and wild RedOne-penned song that we really-really like.
In the first day of summer dance-videos have no right to be less summerish than this one.

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Hey guys.. Check it out..
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