Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sommarkrysset: Eric Saade, Sahara Hotnights, Patrik Isaksson

Another big summer TV-show Sommarkrysset has started new season inviting some popular musicians to please taste of the most different listeners so we've got Eric Saade with his latest singles "Popular" and "Hearts In The Air", schlager-veteran Patrik Isaksson with one of his biggest hits "Du får göra som du vill" and recently come back Sahara Hotnights with song "Vulture Feet" from new album "Sahara Hotnights" and old hit "Cheek To Cheek". Watch whole episode here.


Eric Saade - Popular
Eric Saade & J-Son - Hearts in the air
Sahara Hotnights - Vulture feet
Sahara Hotnights - Cheek to cheek
Patrik Isaksson - Du får göra som du vill

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