Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ola, Thomas Di Leva and Christer Sjögren at Lotta på Liseberg

We can say that the latest Lotta på Liseberg was all about diversity. Three absolutely different pop-artists but all of them are really beloved in Sweden and most of the audience definitely had someone to pick. We had Ola who performed the latest single "Riot", Astrid Lindgren's "Idas sommarvisa" and took part in few potpurris, Thomas Di Leva was singing his own songs and Christer Sjögren mostly performed covers of old popular songs. We can't help but mention also nice remake of The Moniker's "Oh My God!" by Mats Liljeberg and performance where Lotta's guests have made covers of each other Så mycket bättre-style. Watch whole episode here.


Ola - Riot
Ola - Idas sommarvisa
Christer Sjögren – Livet det har varit gott mot mig
Lotta Engberg och Christer Sjögren - Rosa på bal
Christer Sjögren - Burnin love
Christer Sjögren - Kristina från Vilhelmina
Thomas di Leva - För evigt underbart
Thomas di Leva - Vad är frihet
Artisterna sjunger varandras låtar

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Anonymous said...

Damian, isn't today Mans's show?

Damian said...

Starting right now

Anonymous said...

Bright my evening;)