Monday, April 11, 2011

Roxette - Speak To Me (Bassflow Remake)

Three months after release of the first Roxette's comeback single "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)" band is ready for a new one and we happily announce that it's one of our most beloved tracks from the album "Charm School" - "Speak To Me".
Beautiful dreamy ballad with old-school rock-chorus softened with Marie's vocal and becoming very female and touching in a vein of "Wish I Could Fly" - that's what we thought had to be the best choice for the second single.
But then we've got some incredible news - Peter Boström (Bassflow) was intended to make new version of the song and what has come out of it has become something you completely don't expect when you hear about remake/remix from Peter. As you probably know Peter worked with Tony Nilsson and new version of the song was left in original tempo with verses getting more electronic and meditative and chorus getting more massive in a way of Tony's ballads for Darin and Elin Lanto and sure we love it like we use to!
Credits for upload of the track go to awesome Poster Girl.

01 Speak To Me (Bassflow Remake) by poppostergirl

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