Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eric Saade feat. J-Son - Hearts In The Air (video)

Melodifestivalen-winner Eric Saade presents his new album "Saade Vol.1" and brand new video supporting latest single "Hearts In The Air" featuring J-Son.
Album has met hard criticism in Swedish media, it's really difficult to find any positive review about new Eric's album and unfortunately we're not gonna defend this album, we usually don't write negative reviews, we just don't waste our time if something isn't quite interesting for us but as we had to mention new video, here's our opinion about "Saade Vol.1".
Initially idea of the album was quite promising, Swedish pop fans would never refuse new album following Ke$ha meets Robyn concept with milder and more...Swedish sound and still many will be enjoying it. But when you want to become new Ke$ha or Robyn you should realize that it's not nice tunes and modern arrangement that made them international stars. It was their audacity, uniqueness, craziness and wish to make their own trend to be followed. We're not those prudes who put originality to the top, sometimes we can easily enjoy some cheesy secondary pop and if we got Cutfather-penned "Me and My Radio" or disco-flavoured "Killed By A Cop" as new singles we would praise it immediately loading our player with them but in bulk these songs (lacking growth a lot by the way) have completely lost their faces. Is it fail of songs though? Well, it's not the strongest hit-stuff ever written by such amazing songwriters like Jason Gill, Fredrik Kempe, Jörgen Elofsson, Fredrik Thomander but it could sparkle if September or Agnes took it, Eric not having such a stong personality vocally just physically can't lift these songs. Probably "Made Of Pop", "Still Loving It" and "Popular" are the only tracks reminding you that you're listening to the album, not the same long track. "Hearts In The Air" getting to a pack of twin-sisters is completely lost unfortunately. But you can enjoy new video shot for this song and remember that we're gonna get second part of "Saade" that hopefully will be more brave, personal and different.

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Myfizzypop said...

aw, i'm sad you don't like the album. i think it's really good, bit cheesy lyrically at times but overall a very decent pop album. We'll have to see how it does...

TK said...

Oooh! Harsh! I thought it was a fairly enjoyable album and it's miles better than 'Masquerade'. But I completely get what you said about it lacking any uniqueness. My favourites are 'Hearts In The Air', 'Me & My Radio' and 'Big Love'.

Anonymous said...

"...Eric not having such a stong personality vocally just physically can't lift these songs..."
Damian, have I ever told u how much I love u?
I can stand that guy!He used to be nice in 2010...but now since he won MF and also came third is like he owns everything.And YES vocally he is weak only if he gets undressed something cool happens=))))