Thursday, June 2, 2011

Erika Selin - I’m A Dreamer

Last August we have introduced you to our Idol-2009 sweetheart Erika Selin - incredibly charming girl with fantastic voice who has won our heart with ease during the show.
Sure this diamond couldn't be lost and Sweden Songs label was lucky enough to catch this young star and to start working on her own stuff. First Erika's single "For You" was released in duo with Patrik Öhlund and turned to be pleasant slightly 90s breathing nostalgic ballad that we liked a lot.
Now Erika is back with her second and this time solo-single "I'm A Dreamer" and we were incredibly glad that label has given us ability to listen to this song in a full length and to let you listen to it too.
"I’m A Dreamer" is another ballad-single written this time by Janne Andersson and Peter Heden that melodically feels like sequel of "For You" but closer to modern American pop-rock huge soundtrack ballad with slight country-feeling and mostly built on strong Erika's big voice that in common leaves impression of really confident step setting up Erika's music image and just a great single any artist should be proud of. And we're proud of you too, Erika!

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