Tuesday, June 7, 2011

K-One & John L - Hit The Light

Hamed K-One Pirouzpanah has established himself as really promising r'n'b, hiphop and pop producer participating in productions of such successful singles like Ola's "Sky's The Limit", Frispråkarn's Melodifestivalen-entry "Singel", providing mixes for Veronica Maggio, Jennifer Brown, Eric Gadd, Elin Lanto, Emilia De Poret and being noticed in many different huge releases.
Recently K-One has united forces with another talented songwriter John Lundvik responsible for Agnes' and Björn Skifs' royal marriage duo "When You Tell the World You're Mine" (Sheri's "U Got Me Good" is another brilliant example of his collaboration with Jörgen Elofsson) to record stunning international sounding track "Hit The Light" mixing r'n'b and dance music in Usher's "More" direction.
By the way we've completely fallen in love with John's voice on his youtube channel, you should check him and we hope we'll hear more from him in future, fantastic singer!
Thanx for the tip to lovely ILIKEMYMUSIC.

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