Saturday, June 11, 2011

Les Jumo feat. Mohombi - Sexy

France loves Mohombi, Mohombi loves France. And here's another proof - Mohombi teams up with French project Les Jumo to release new single "Sexy".
I've never heard about Les Jumo before and wanted to write that "Sexy" sounds like pure Mohombi's stuff but when I've heard guys' single "C'Show" (pretty amazing dance record) I think they're really on one wave with Mohombi. Half of Les Jumo - Linho DeGaucho is just like Mohombi originally from Congo so it seems like this country has musically loads to give.
You can check video-teaser and radio-rip (slightly speeded up to my ears) of "Sexy" below and it's already completely esctatic summerish dance-stuff with that crazy catchy Mohombi's rhythm and RedOne-sounding intro-sample you can listen to through whole track.

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