Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mohombi at Mad VMA 2011

I guess if we would try to catch every European TV or radio-event where currenly Mohombi appears this blog would get an article about him every day so we obviously don't do it but absolutely can't miss performance at such a big show like annual Greek Mad TV Video Music Awards bringing together not only biggest local stars but also some international beloved guests.
This time Mohombi has visited Mad VMA to perform his biggest hit "Bumpy Ride" that we still enjoy a lot and brand new single "Coconut Tree" with Katerina Stikoudi (Greek representative at Miss World-2005) replacing Nicole Scherzinger and singing her part in Greek. Great energetic performance with beautiful Katerina looking a bit Megan Fox and Mohombi driving audience completely crazy.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

i liked Mohombi initially but then thought he might just have one good single in him. But no! He keeps churning out his island rhythms and each is as delightful. I really need to give the album more time!

Damian said...

Absolutely, Paul! You have to check this album, it's much more different than I expected. They tried to make an album of real international level and they've managed!