Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kadawatha - Gonna Stay & The Ranger

After incredibly active last year of touring with Paramore in US Kadawatha (our amazing discovery with the single "Agape") is back home to a normal mode and Daniel is working on his debut album.
In the end of 2010 Kadawatha released 2 singles at the same time - "Gonna Stay" and "The Ranger" - both are amazing though we didn't expect anything less from this band.
"Gonna Stay" sounds like more uncontrollable wild brother of "Agape" with powerful alternative sound but still special floating tune you can listen only in Kadawatha music and magic atmosphere. "The Ranger" is less enigmatic song with classic rock-riffs bringing you through the song with beautiful positive energy melodic flow throwing you to a waterfall of feelgood crazy chorus.
You can also find two new songs on band's myspace page: "World Of Hypocrisy" - mostly instrumental dark alternative track and acoustic intimate song "Inspire" with only Daniel's vocal and guitar being quite enough though to put you into peaceful fairy atmosphere (especially recommended!).

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