Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Sounds - Dance with the Devil (video)

The Sounds present new (and actually the first from "Something to Die For" album) video another for fresh track "Dance with the Devil" and we're really satisfied with this choise.
To be honest I wasn't as pleased with new album in common as I expected by first two singles, it feels like a big electronic experiment where guys have reserved a hit-area where they're gonna come to when they need a new single and the rest of the album where they just do what they want and sure many will love it. By the way "Something to Die For" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah" were chosen as soundtrack for Scream 4 that already says that album was noticed, so let's see what'll come out of this.
Talking about the video it's dark, weird and goes from bonded The Sounds members under the muzzles of a rifles to dances in gas masks but who cares about the plot when the song is amazing for real?

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Bob said...

It needs better dancers and choreography. Definitely this is not their best video by far. I miss their "painted by numbers"/"tony the beat" kind of videos =P