Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Play-Fanny is going solo

Earlier this year it was announced that one of the oldest members of recently reborn pop-band Play Fanny Hamlin is going solo and her place is taken by new girl Emelie Norenberg.
We should be honest we were really disappointed by this fact as Fanny was always our favorite member of Play since we saw her for the first time in the video "I Must Not Chase The Boys" falling for this amazing voice, appearance and attitude.
However Fanny is leaving to start making her own music and you can already find new songs on her Facebook page and it's completely nothing you could expect from former Play-member.
"My Place Is Here" and "Water Against The Rocks" are both dark electronic tracks sometimes leaving slight soul feeling, sometimes giving impression of Fever Ray going pop. It's hard to say which Swedish artist this music is closer but if you'll ask me I'll say it's playing somewhere between Lykke Li and Tove Styrke. Really beautiful, atmospheric stuff and we're really intrigued what will come out of this project.

Fanny - My Place Is Here

Fanny - Water Against The Rocks (Demo)

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