Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kevin Borg - Sunrise

Swedish Idol-2008 winner Kevin Borg is back with brand new single "Sunrise" unexpectedly but to our complete pleasure moving to disco-area!
Three years ago Kevin has made almost every song he covered on the Idol commercially successful hit - 10 of his performed songs have entered into Swedish chart, "Living On A Prayer" has even entered into Top-10. So will his new single become another Mr. Borg's hit?
Though Kevin tried to explore all sorts of pop on his debut album "The Beginning" single "Sunrise" feels like something fresh for him dancing between Velvet-smelling European disco and Madonna's "Celebration" radio-friendly clubby pop. Warm happy dancefloor-tune with big and catchy chorus and summerish feeling, we take it completely and say thanx and welcome back Kevin!
Single is already released on iTunes in a pack with a club remix and already climbs to the top of iTunes-chart.

3 коммент.:

Poster Girl said...

Aww, despite his...oddness I still have a lot of affection for Kevin due to "Streetlights." It's a nice surprise to have him back. I wonder who he's been working with in his time away.

Paul said...

i have to say i really like this. i would have loved to have seen him in Grease, that would have been a trip :)

Damian said...

It's also interesting for me who was working with kevin, PG. Need to dig into this. By the way Streetlighs is my fave from his album too.

Hm, Grease?...That can be a good idea, Paul, I wonder why Kevin didn't try musicals or anything outside of music after Idol, he should've definitely been in demand.