Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ansiktet - X

Salem Al Fakir, Peter Jöback, Christian Waltz, Christian Olsson (Fibes Oh Fibes), Musse Hasselvall, Mange Schmidt, Thomas Rusiak, Eric Gadd and Magnus Carlson (which is not Carlsson!). Have we seen bigger quantity of Swedish music stars guesting in the other artist's video?
If you're into Swedish music for real (and even a bit more) faces of Ansiktet will look familiar to you - Herbert "Afasi" Munkhammar is half of Afasi & Filthy and you could previously see Erik Emanuel Nordström in Lilla Sällskapet.
Now guys work together making their own special sort of soul-music and their first big success is this lovely summerish video featuring ton of well-known artists for quite pleasant new single "X". Nice moment to release it two days before Midsommar.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

how very lovely and very lovely of the acts involved. I do appreciate and enjoy a bit of cross artist pollination :)

Damian said...

This is really interesting collaboration, at least Peter Jöback going straight is already something worth watching :))