Sunday, June 6, 2010

Deluxe pieces of Erik Hassle

There are no limits for perfection and even most brilliant albums can be a little bit more brilliant when artist adds some bonus-tracks so one of absolutely best albums of 2009 - "Pieces" by Erik Hassle has got deluxe re-edition. Actually it was released already in February on British iTunes together with original UK edition. I've missed it and if you've missed it also here are added bonus-tracks.
If I Could Build My Whole World Around You (featuring Agnes) - cover by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell that was performed back in 2009 on P3 Live Session when Agnes hasn't yet blast Europe with "Release Me" and was included in UK edition of Agnes album as well.
Nothing Else Matters (Metallica cover) - one of numerous brilliant Erik's covers which you can find on youtube.
I Probably Want You Now (new song) - new little more positive song than you could expect from Erik but very well however.
Who's Gonna Walk You Home (featuring Malin Dahlström) - another nice duet with less popular but sweet singer.

But what stays the greatest diamond of British edition to my opinion is "Standing Where You Left Me" - powerful energetic pop-rock song with catchy synth lines, great tune and Erik's unique voice. First time I saw the name Kronlund in credits I thought that Alexander Kronlund worked on this track but later I've found that it's another Kronlund with first name starting on L due to some sites. Another recent revelation for me was that Max Martin worked on another track "Love Me To Pieces", that guy feels really talented people to connect with!

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Poster Girl said...

I totally missed all of these except "Standing Where You Left Me"! I will have to find some way to buy them. I started by listening to "I Probably Want You Now"--I really like it, but what else should I expect from Erik?

Damian said...

Oh, it seems like everything that gets the touch of Erik's voice turns amazing and it's a really rare thing)