Monday, July 12, 2010

Kadawatha - Agape

If I didn't tell you about some brilliant fresh rock bands long time I'm gonna fix it right now.
Project Kadawatha has started around its founder Daniel Kadawatha (who originally came from Sri Lanka) back in 2008, Daniel was joined soon by other band members Andreas Edström, Jacob Milton, Arvid Persson and Andreas Pihlgren. With its magically beautiful music - melodic, powerful and coming on the road of mainstream alternative rock being very special at the same time Kadawatha recommended themselves very fast on Swedish rock-stage and soon has caught the eyes of some respectable publishers receiving support in planned promotion in US and UK. However band is still young and its potential is obviously much bigger than what they already could show though they already have shown a lot. You can find some amazing demos of band on youtube - energetic and powerful "Bloom Now Bloom" and "Gonna Stay", fairy charming "Just To Say That I Love You" and "My Miracle", atmospheric and beautiful "Whitest Tiger" and "Monster In The Box".
But first of all I'd like to present you the track Kadawatha promotes mostly. It's "Agape", the song showing the core of the project as sophisticated interlacement of harmonies and unique musical aesthetics that makes Kadawatha such outstanding and special.
By the way band was honoured to be opening act during Paramore's concert in Stockholm, you can check their performance of "Agape" here.

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Poster Girl said...

"Agape" is REALLY good. Really good. I haven't heard anything else by them that I like as much, but then again I haven't listened to most of those demos you linked to! I'll have to check them out. I really hope "Agape" takes off for them, though--it's one of those songs that you could see getting a UK release, even if it won't be troubling the top of the charts there.

Paul said...

They are visually quite striking and actually Agape is very good indeed. You've won me over, and i'm not normally one for rock bands :)

Damian said...

I'm so glad guys I've made you (hottest pop-followers) interested in rock-stuff and I'm not gonna stop :)) I bet if Kadawatha was American project MTV would already pushed them very high, it's a world-level quality, and I feel like currently world rock-stage extremely needs new heroes.

KONI said...

Thank you very, very much for this excellent hint!
"Agape" is a phenomenal song, undescribably outstanding!

Damian said...

You're right KONI, Agape is phenomenal as Kadawatha's music in common, by the way single is already in Top-50 on iTunes and arrangement is changed a little but I still has loads of goosebumps on refrain.