Friday, July 1, 2011

ELY - Break Me Down

Ladies and gentlemen we've a got fresh pop-blood from Sweden - absolutely exciting and smelling like pretty amazing pop-delicacy!
Ellen Askegård Wetterlundh or just ELY releases debut single "Break Me Down" that's already noticed by audience due to its arriving to iTunes-chart. Although this single is official beginning of ELY's releasing story she's already managed to present herself to Sweden touring through the last year.
"Break Me Down" is pop-track with heavily concentrated synth-sound that works with ELY's slightly Natasha Bedingfield sort of voice at least original and undoubtfully amazing, tune is as strong as you can expect from some biggest Swedish pop-names so we're completely delighted to get this debut and hope it's just a beginning of her long and successful career.

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Anonymous said...

sounds cool!and you write PERFECT as always!