Friday, June 4, 2010

Basic Element - Got U Screaming

Did you miss some explosive eurodance sound from one of the most long-life and honorable Swedish dance-projects? Come and get it! Basic Element is coming back though they actually didn't disappear for a long time and new single "Got U Screaming" is made by the same formulas used by project on last two albums and this is pretty amazing how it stays as powerful and catchy going in the same direction. Currently band cosists of Peter Thelenius, Jonas Wesslander and Andrea Myrander - staff that was changed a lot (besides Peter) since project was born in 1992. Basic Element overcame a lot for 18 years, starting in the beginning of 90s band has recommended itself as one of European giants of eurodance by set of successful singles like "The Promise Man", "The Ride", "The Fiddle", etc. During 90s band released 4 albums constantly changing staff and finally breaking up at all. In 2005 Basic Element came back with remake of their old hit "This Must Be A Dream" and other new singles "Raise the gain", "I’ll Never Let You Know", "To You" forming their modern sound that finally ended up on a new album "The Empire Strikes Back" released in 2007. Soon in a year Basic Element released their next album "The Truth" (that in my ears is something that can proudly be real classics of Swedish dance music) with some new brilliant singles like "Feelings" and "Touch you right now". And although "This Must Be A Dream", "I'll Never Let You Know" and "Touch You Right Now" became Top-10 hits in Sweden project successfuly promoted their songs in Eastern Europe as well and "Got U Screaming" sounds like nice follower of band's success.

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Poster Girl said...

"Touch You Right Now" is a great song, tough to follow up--but I like this! The sample-like part (oh, why can't I think of what it's from/what it reminds me of?) is a great touch.

Damian said...

Oh I already gave up about where this sample can be from so if you'll find it PG please kick me :)