Monday, January 10, 2011

Bag of gifts from Linda Sundblad, Erik Hassle, Anna Ternheim, Royal Radio and Lazee

Has your Santa slept through all your holidays, given your presents to your neighbours and left you depressed, drunk and crying all the Christmas weekends? What a shame! I'll try to fix it right now with some gifts from Swedish music Santa, to be more exact we have few Santas!

Our first Santa is Linda Sundblad who gives away her latest track "I'm a Star" that we presented back in December. I'll remind you that track is a part of interactive project where you can participate yourself making video and recording song together with Linda. Now official version is on site and it's a bit different from initial version - with harder beat during all song and on the other hand more calm energetics but very nice moaning part from Linda and computerized rap.

Second Santa is Erik Hassle who has packed gift from his "Taken (Still In My Blood)" single, cover "Family Affair" from "The Hassle Sessions: Volume One" and Christmas card personally for you sure. Get it here.

Moving further. Don't jostle guys, here's enough for everyone!

Anna Ternheim has written very nice new acoutic song "Save No Goodbyes" - as pleasant, light and warm as New Year's gift should be. You can download this track here.

Truly precious gift from Royal Radio - our amazing discovery of the last Summer presenting free EP "Love Rescue Us" for all fans. I'll remind you that firstly we've discovered Royal Radio with their single "Love Rescue Me" - beautiful touching pop-rock song that has become our perfect summer soundtrack and the rest of EP doesn't disappoint with mostly dynamic melodic pop-rock tracks - full of life, depth and heart. Get it here.

And finally Lazee presents compilation "Farewell" of his mixes of Mike Posner, Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars, Willow Smith, Chris Brown and many others check trailer of "Farewell" here and download it here. And as we've started to talk about Lazee below you can listen awesome mix of Dead by April's "Stronger" that has become soundtrack for video-game "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit", in best traditions of Linkin Park's earlier tracks - hip-hop cooked really tasty with powerful rock-choruses.

Hope it's enough to find really your present and already download it. Where does Christmas go when it leaves you in December? Right, it comes to Swedish Stereo and lives here before short falling asleep for the Summer before starting to give us exciting news around September.

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Zad=Rot said...

I don't understand. Well, February is understandable, you leave your home.. But what next? Blog will be vacant until September?.. Thanks for all gifts!

Damian said...

No-no-no! Blog will be up constantly, it's just our Christmas-updates which will finally come to an end soon or not too soon :)
Thanx for worry :)

Myfizzypop said...

That is one sexy santa you got up there :) Anyway, what i love about Erik's handwritten christmas card is that he clearly made a bit of a mistake on it and just corrected it rather than writing a new one! LOL!

PS LOVE Royal Radio :)

Damian said...

I was looking for Santa to please your taste Paul ;)
Haha))) I haven't even noticed from the beginning but it brings something natural in card :))