Sunday, July 18, 2010

Royal Radio - Love Rescue Me

Sometimes in a search of new Swedish artists I just can't get the fact that band making 100% great stuff is not even signed yet. Choosing last season of Metro On Stage 2010 as the source of new music I often caught me on this thought. However if artist is really-really talented he will be found by audience and some interested publishers sooner or later.
I'd like to present you young but very promising band Royal Radio, this band has got to attention of big audience not so long ago. As many young artists guys put efforts participating in different competitions and performing live to get in touch with their audience. Their music has got first release year ago when guys took participance in Songbox competition Fan Crusade and their songs "On a Ride" and "Could I Should I" have appeared on final compilation. After that guys found contact with producer Nisse Westfelt (who worked as producer and drummer before with some big names like Markoolio, E.M.D., Marie Picasso, Ola, Elena Paparizou, Erik Segerstedt, Sanna Nielsen, etc.) and as the result of their work new song "Love Rescue Me" was born.
Every song of Royal Radio (that you can hear on their Myspace or Facebook page) is signed with brilliant melody and nice atmosphere amazingly connected with soft vocal of frontman Samuel Gajicki and "Love Rescue Me" is not exception, it's a beautiful well-produced pop-rock song with a smell of light sadness and warm feeling. Check the video for this song below.

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Paul said...

good find :) I like them!!

Damian said...

Then I recommend you to check their stuff on Facebook Paul, it's one of absolutely loveliest bands I've found this year.