Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Ark - Breaking up with God

One of the most popular bands in Sweden and the winner of Melodifestivalen-2007 - The Ark is finishing its existance next year.
Earlier last Autumn The Ark shocked their fans by news that in 2010 they will release their greatest hits compilation "Arkeology" on February 23rd containing two new songs "Breaking Up With God" and "The Apocalypse Is Over", will go on tour during Spring-Summer and will break up. Explanation of this solution was their wish to go further and make something new and grow more but apart. Vocalist Ola Salo currently doesn't have any plans for his future, recently becoming father he sees himself only in this role for now but he's not going to end up with music completely.
Tomorrow The Ark will release their single "Breaking Up With God" - nice pop-rock radio-track sounding like sharp and epic U2's "Beautiful Day" softened being painted with glam bright colours of The Ark.
Below you can listen to "Breaking Up With God" and check tracklist of "Arkeology".

Let Your Body Decide
It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane
Echo Chamber
Joy Surrender
Calleth You, Cometh I
Father of a Son
Tell Me this Night is Over
One of Us is Gonna Die Young
Clamour for Glamour
Trust is Shareware
Deliver us from Free Will
Prayer for the Weekend
Absolutely No Decorum
Worrying Kind
Little Dysfunk You
Stay With Me
Breaking Up With God
The Apocalypse is Over

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Liza said...

Put up the mp3 for download? :)

Damian said...

Sorry Liza but we keep it legal here and don't share links to music on blog.