Saturday, January 29, 2011

Remake me!

If company wants to make huge new promo-anthem should it get some big songwriting team with famous artists and try to promote this song in their ads and other promo-presentation? Maybe but there's also another solution - take some big pop-hit coming out of homeland of that international company, change tune, involve new singers and connect it with their ideas in lyrics!
Oriflame steps into new year with new slogan "Make that change" and makes that change in probably the biggest Swedish pop-anthem of 2009 "Release Me" originally performed by Agnes, co-written by Agnes with Anders Hansson and Sharon Vaughn and produced by Anders Hansson and Le Kid members - Felix Persson and Märta Grauers. Unfortunately we don't know who is performer and who wrote new tune but we know that Felix was working on production and what about result? Result turned to be pretty amazing!
"Make That Change" has grown from one disco-anthem to another, I can't even say if it's better or worse, it's just different, new voice and new melody bring difference. New singer's vocal reminds a bit Charlotte Perrelli (at least in verses) so it's already a good sign, in common song smells a bit more schlagertastic with double-chorus and disco-anthem life-asserting lyrics, it even has key-change! Everything that you love in "Release me" is still there - strings, dance-hook and beautiful arrangement. On official soundcloud channel of Oriflame you can dowload "Make That Change" together with it's Spanish and Russian versions, corresponding karaoke-versions, instrumental, ringtone and even mix that's actually really good, check it under video.

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