Saturday, January 22, 2011

Style of September

After full Autumn in a TV-cocoon of "Så Mycket Bättre" Petra Marklund is coming out from TV-screens to spotlights praised by people and media being invited to awards and new TV-shows. During latest visiting of ELLE magazine annual party Petra has become not only guest but was awarded as Best dressed female artist. Salem al Fakir was awarded as Best dressed male artist that night. Another latest appearance of Petra was at Grammis awards and proving her new title of style icon she's got to Aftonbladet pool for a best looking artist with Robyn, Sibel, Linda Sundblad and Veronica Maggio and currently confidently leads it.
"Mikrofonkåt" has become incredible hit spending 9 weeks in a row at #1 of Swedish chart and last week Petra was invited to perform it in English version at big Norwegian-Swedish show Skavlan. It was actually first performance of "Me And My Microphone" in this version on TV and could it be anything but stunning? Big band behind, Petra in gorgeous diva poses vocally better than ever and clapping audience - nothing else but replay is necessary.

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