Thursday, September 29, 2011

Night of mixes from September, Gravitonas and Man Meadow

Weekend comes early on Swedish Stereo, we had no mix nights for ages so here we get a bunch of interesting remixes for some actual releases to talk about.
Adam Rickfors who never dissapoints us with his works has made much more dreamy mix than he use to deliver of the latest Gravitonas' single "Lucky Star" moving a bit in Avicii trend of soft not aggresive radio-friendly sound.
Soundfactory has become part of the team responsible for Man Meadow's comeback with single "Eaten Alive" arriving with a solid schlageristic dose on his new mix.
And finally we get a nice edit of recently unleashed September's "Me & My Microphone" video with probably the best remix of this song from Casado & Daif - explosive and clubby.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Viktorious - Unrequited Love

Today I'd like to give a tip about one of undoubtfully best tunes of this year that surpisingly hasn't got any proper release.
I'm talking about one of Viktorious' tracks - "Unrequited Love" presented during Viktorious weekends company earlier this spring.
Awesome disco-track sampling Yazoo's "Don't Go" has turned to pop-goodies we absolutely didn't expect from Sugarplum Fairy star if you asked us about like year ago.
Track wasn't included to "Best of Viktorious Weekends" compilation but we still enjoy it a lot with some other songs we'll probably tell you about later waiting for Viktorious' new stuff.

Lune - Let Go

Well-known to our readers Swedish club-wonder Adrian Lux starts new project Lune he has built with Carl-Michael Herlöfsson (half of producing duo Bomkrash Productions who worked with artists like A-Ha, Eric Gadd, Rammstein, Roxette, Leila K, Papa D and others in the past) and Linnéa Martinsson - voice of Lune and main creative force of the project.
Collaboration of Linnea and Adrian has started on Adrian's hit single "Teenage Crime" where you could hear Linnea's voice. Lune's music gets heavy influence of Mr. Lux's music, it's pretty dark atmospheric mix of electro and indie-pop you should probably blame on Linnea's mystic and melancholic vocal manner, both of these components are very well presented in band's first single "Let Go" that is already out on iTunes.
Single's b-side "Private Admission" is on the other hand brings up image of Björk going pop-rock with slightly Linnea Henriksson's vocal style and bunch of Lykke Li's deppression.
You can check both of these songs and another instrumental work "W + vänner" on band's soundcloud page and below.

Let Go by luneworld

Private Admission by luneworld

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gravitonas - Lucky Star (video)

Brand new Gravitonas' video for the latest single is out.
If the sound of "Lucky Star" was pretty different with previous band's releases, dark grotesque video brings Mr. Bard's project concept back with its mystical characters and nontrivial images of Alexander and Andreas.
According to Being Blogged interview with Gravitonas track is gonna become theme of movie and game by Fredrik Häréns' book "De Ickesynliga".

John Dahlbäck ft. Erik Hassle - One Last Ride (video)

Oh! We didn't expect John Dahlbäck's mix of Erik Hassle's track "Last Rider" (or "One Last Ride" now) will go that far.
Track that has already become quite successful in web has got official video.
It's Las Vegas party video, boys and girls come to town to have party and finishing with romantic happy end, pretty standard plot but it's worthy video and will work well like something to be played by music channels.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Måns at a crossroads

Måns Zelmerlöw who was keeping Swedish pop fans like forever since the last pop-album he made in 2009 right after his Melodifestivalen participance (we don't mention his Christmas album as it was pretty experimental step aside from his pop-trend) has revealed to Aftonbladet what he's currently about musically.
Around year ago Måns' have written half of album in Swedish and was pretty satisfied with the result before he has heard albums of Daniel Adams-Ray and Oskar Linnros which sounded so complete for him that he has decided that he'll need either loads of time to rework his own texts or to move in completely different direction.
Currently Måns is back to his album project and as he revealed he doesn't want to sound like he did before, it will be either songs in Swedish or more pop-rock sounding material but the main idea is that Måns is going to sound different and to get more honest in his music.
Singer doesn't plan to come back to Melodifestivalen next year and Aftonbladet admits a chance he'll get back to Allsång på Skansen next year though it will be clear only this winter when contracts are gonna be signed.

Schlager-excitement - 2012

Every year since September we get a lot of schlager-rumors getting wild flowing around and collecting the most pop-actual artists into speculations lists of Aftonbladet and Expressen. As you understand loads of these rumours never happen but at the same time we get a solid bunch of artists which are later officially confirmed so at least half of final list is already expected.
We didn't get speculations season started quite long this year though (except previously discussed Nina Söderquist, Lili & Susie, Timoteij and H.e.a.t. with Erik Grönwall) but today Aftonbladet has revealed utterly exciting list of artists willing to participate in Melodifestivalen-2012.
- Charlotte Perrelli is eager to come back to the contest working this year with her previous Melodifestivalen-winning entry "Hero" songwriter Fredrik Kempe.
- Helena Paparizou who was haunted by Christer Björkman many years has finally sent few songs.
- E.M.D.'s Erik Segerstedt and Mattias Andréasson have sent solo-songs, it's not clear if Danny wants though. Seems like he didn't send any songs himself but doesn't mind to participate if he'll be invited by SVT.
- Rebound's Eddie Razaz and Rabih Jaber are also eager to participate solo and both have sent songs.
- Magnus Carlsson who sent entries recent years without any luck was working this time with new songwriter supposedly on Melodifestivalen-stuff.
- Another Alcazar-member Lina Hedlund was looking for songs to partiipate in Melodifestivalen with while band is on a hold since this summer.
- Martin Rolinski who was ready to partiipate in MF-2011 has refused when Christer Björkman wished him to change the song, it has opened a spot for Anders Fernette, now Martin is ready for comeback.
- Few songwriters have written songs for Ace Of Base's Jenny Berggren this year.
- Molly Sandén is looking for the right song to make comeback.
- September's participance is quite possible but depends on if her new material will succeed in USA as it's more important goal for her to work on.
You can check articles here and here.

Martin Rolinski - Blame It On A Decent Matter (Video Violence Remix)

This summer ex-BWO singer Martin Rolinski has pleased an audience with comeback single "Blame It On A Decent Matter" delivering recognizable electropop sound he used to explore in band so fans response was obviously positive but there's still loads of promotion work to be done as easily entering iTunes-chart single hasn't appeared in official chart yet.
Here we get a first mix of "Blame It On A Decent Matter" from Video Violence starting as some epic historical drama soundtrack going heavy beat electrosound and getting into darkest dub-mix afterwards. It contains whole pack Video Violence usually provides in their works and a bit more.
You should also check Martin's summer performance of the single at Lotta på Liseberg, we've missed it to mention so here you get it.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alex Sayz - Pulse: 128 - 130

One of our favorite Swedish DJs we were attentively following last two years with every new release - Alex Sayz is ready to summarize his creative activity into debut album "Pulse: 128 - 130" that will be released on October 17th.
Already now we can listen to sampler of album and due to what we can hear on a cut "128 - 130" is gonna be a pure gold of Swedish club-music presenting it in a best set for international listener, "Free To Go" along with other album's hits is already played all over the world's dancefloors and taking into account radio-friendly smooth quality of material the album has a chance to become solid visit card for Alex's promising career's start.

Arash - Melody (video)

Earlier this summer Arash has announced company on making his new video for the latest single "Melody" (devoted to Arash's constant collaborator Robert Uhlmann's daughter Melody) together with fans who had to send videos of them singing the song.
Received videos were cut and composed in a pretty dynamic way so the result looks anything but boring (we underestimated idea to be honest).
You should notice that video features Basshunter, Cameron Cartio, Lovestoned's Emilie, Velvet, Keenan Cahill and Arash with Melody.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Best selling singles of MF-2011

When the last Melodifestivalen-2011 single has left the chart it's time to check who was the most successful commercially this year.
I should say that obviously 2011 was quite terrible by sales comparing with previous years. Was it the lack of interest to chosen songs? Or was it because of just a few songs released physically and audience being ok with listening to digitally released ones on Spotify? I don't have a clue. I was sure that songs like "The Hunter", "Lucky You", "Elektirsk", "No One Else Could" even failing to qualify sounded like a huge radio-hits but they haven't even charted. My personal opinion is that Melodifestivalen has got a crisis. Old schlager-formulas wasn't working already - Sanna and Linda winning their semifinals haven't even made Top-10 spending 3-4 weeks in chart but at the same time public wasn't quite open for newcomers and when MF-2010 every semifinal had surprising winner (Salem, Anna, Timoteij, Eric), this time it was all about names already successfully established in the contest. Result? Final without intrigue and... hmmm... not outstanding sales figures.
Dilba, Christian Walz and Le Kid are the only charting not qualifiers of semifinals.
All finalists and Second Chance qualifiers except Shirley's Angels have charted but were separated into 2 groups - those who reached Top-10 and stayed in chart 9 weeks and more (six finalists - Eric, Danny, Swingfly, The Moniker, Sara, Nicke + Loreen) and those who weren't accepted by Top-10 and left in 4 weeks or less.
Hope right now SVT is selecting songs which will get to chart without excepion and if you've missed news about Webjoker-2012 in short - channel will choose 32 songs, will separate them to 4 semifinals and every week SVT and public will be voting for their own winner of semifinal, favorites of both will go to the final (between 8 songs) that will be held around November 7th. There's no information about when the first official (non-webjokers) participants will be announced but year ago it has happened on October 7th so we don't need to wait too long. You can check Poplight's article about possible candidates, the most interesting for us is if songs of Nina Söderquist, Lili & Susie and Timoteij will be accepted and if new H.e.a.t. with Idol-2009 winner Erik Grönwall will agree to participate with Fredrik Kempe's song.

PeakArtistSingleWeeks in chartStatus
1Eric SaadePopular27Platinum x2
2SwingflyMe And My Drum17Platinum
2DannyIn The Club10Platinum
4Sara VargaSpring för livet9Gold
4The MonikerOh My God!9
9LoreenMy Heart Is Refusing Me19
9Nicke BorgLeaving Home9
15Linda BengtzingE det fel på mej4
20DilbaTry Again1
26Love GenerationDance Alone2
30Christian WalzLike Suicide4
31Linda PritchardAlive2
31Le KidOh My God1
32Sanna NielsenI'm In Love3
34The PlaytonesThe King2
48Brolle7 Days And 7 Nights1
57Pernilla AnderssonDesperados1
59Jenny SilverSomething In Your Eyes1

Not charted singles:

Anders Fernette - Run
Anniela - Elektrisk
Babsan - Ge mig en spanjor
Elisabeth Andreassen - Vaken i en dröm
Jonas Matsson - On My Own
Julia Alvgard - Better or Worse
Lasse Stefanz - En blick och nånting händer
Linda Sundblad - Lucky You
Melody Club - The Hunter
Rasmus Viberg - Social Butterfly
Sara Lumholdt - Enemy
Sebastian - No One Else Could
Shirley's Angels - I Thought It Was Forever
Simon Forsberg - Tid att andas

Linda Sundblad - Trasig

Teasing us whole summer with live versions of her newest upcoming single "Trasig" Linda Sundblad finally presents studio version of this track that will be officially released in October.
Honestly we couldn't make any realistic conclusions on acoustic versions except the fact that it's gonna be more lyrical follow-up of "Intim" in Swedish. Now Linda Sundblad's new music direction is getting more clear to us, "Trasig" is soft melodic electropop track that definitely has a lot common with Veronica Maggio's music but Linda having bigger pop-artist background makes a bigger emphasis on what's required from vocalist when it goes about pop-music when Veronica just lets it go.
We absolutely love this song and utterly intrigued by this new stage of Linda's career that's gonna lead her to something fresh, experimental and exciting.

September - Me and My Microphone

After a huge hit "Mikrofonkåt" has become for September in Sweden artist is trying to push it internationally and here we get a brand new video for track's English version "Me and My Microphone".
Video is pretty simple and enjoyable showing Petra dancing in elevator and making party on the rooftop, nice work to deliver ouside. We're still sceptic about this choise not seeing magic of "Mikrofonkåt" working for non-Swedish audience but let's see what will come out of this.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Sounds on Jimmy Kimmel Live

We've completely missed this performance earlier this year but it would be so wrong finding it now and not sharing with you when one of our favorite Swedish bands drives American audience crazy with their newest songs.
I mean The Sounds who performed this spring on Jimmy Kimmel Live with some fantastic tracks from their latest album "Something To Die For", now you can check performances of "Something to Die For" and "Better Off Dead" below.

Jill Johnson - Flirting With Disaster

Jill Johnson's new album "Flirting With Disaster" is out next week.
Singer was showing incredible creative activity through 00ies not missing a year to release new album or compilation and this summer she has started to present new stuff on TV and during live gigs. You can already check samples from Tjuvlyssna blog below and acording to them "Flirting With Disaster" sounds like classic country album, exactly like it should sound in 2011. Jill puts all her talent and soul into this work and it's enough to make it beautiful, atmospheric and fresh, great background for autumn rainy day to listen with a cup of tea and sunny memories of the last summer.
By the way as bonus-track you can also see "Song To Heaven" co-written by Molly Sandén and released at Jill's recently released compilation "The Well-Known And Some Other Favourite Stories".

Agnes - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (video)

As I mentioned already I'm currently on vacation in Turkey and yesterday I was completely shocked catching brand new single "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" of Agnes on local Metro FM radio, it's spreading much faster than I expected and seems like Agnes is seriously aimed to bring her international glory back (personally I'm also glad it can be the second Vincent's world hit after "Save The World" this year).
Today music video was finally premiered, it's pretty minimalistic but Agnes has grown into gorgeous pop-lady so you can enjoy the view whole four minutes without complicated plot or big budgets.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tove Styrke - Call My Name (video)

Second music video of Tove Styrke has arrived less than in 2 weeks and this time it's for her absolutely stunning single "Call My Name".
Track, video, Tove's look - everything feels like getting more adult and moving to a new level and we already can't wait to get more of new Tove's stuff, girl just doesn't disappoint.

Arias & Arno Cost & Michael Feiner – The Days to Come

When we already were sure Michael Feiner's collaboration with Arno Cost & Arias "The Days to Come" was left on the dancefloor to move to another one it has got a new video.
Michael still keeps on working on new tracks so we're waiting for some fresh pieces of his solo-stuff soon and though we're really missing The Attic's we're ok with Michael and Eric working apart as long as guys deliver different sides of what we love in The Attic so much with their new releases.

Monday, September 19, 2011

MaryJet - Forever

Gorgeous Mariette Hansson from Idol-2009 is back after a short break with abslutely adorable single "Forever".
Appearing at Idol selection Mariette has become one of early favorites, strong rock-chick attitude and pretty special vocal manner and body language has made her participance undoubtedly one of the most remarkable ones. Right after Idol Mariette was promoting her 2008 album - quite pleasant calm guitar-pop work and now she has prepared something fresh and really interesting.
"Forever" is written with Torbjörn Månsson and produced by The Concept's Povel Olsson, Christian Falk and Ollie Olsson (both of them worked before with artists like Robyn and Pauline). Track feels like compromise between MayJet's American radio-friendly pop-rock stuff and that sort of The Concept's mild indie you can mostly find in Sweden, warm, melodic and light track with lovely production.
Hope it's not the last track MaryJet cooperates with this great team on.

Sarah Dawn Finer på svenska

Sarah Dawn Finer prepares coming back on tour with Christmas show, her album "Winterland" has become golden last December and tour has turned pretty successful as well. Artist records new stuff and one of new songs "Is Anybody There" will be presented for audience of Winterland tour in November. Details of how and when song will be released are to be announced later.
Yesterday Sarah has visited Nyhetsmorgon talking about her life and music plans revealing that as the next stage of her career she can try making album in Swedish.
As you can remember last year her Swedish single "Kärleksvisan" has become a big hit and Sarah has proven once again she can sound amazing in Swedish singing cover of Eva Dahlgren's "Jorden är ett eget rum" and her own track "Home".


Agnes premieres "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

Around a month ago we told you about stunning live premiere of Agnes' comeback single "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" she presented live at Stockholm Pride.
Single will be officially released on Wednesday and it goes on the radio already today. Few hours ago Agnes visited Swedish radio P3 bringing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" with her and it has turned not any worse than we expected due to live performance.
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is absolutely amazing "Dance Love Pop" disco follow-up of "Release Me" written by Agnes with Vincent Pontare, Magnus Lidehäll being produceed by Afasi & Filthy that sounds tougher and directly much more international than "Release Me" sounded for the first time we've heard it and due to Agnes Scandinavian labels already can't wait to get it so we can easily expect this track to become next big Swedish pop-breakthrough this year.
Video is on the way and new album is planned to be out in the beginning of 2012, among songwriters Agnes was noticed in the studio with are Trinity, Mando Diao and The Salazar Brothers.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Le Kid making Le TV

This week Le Kid's new album "Oh Alright" makes debut in Swedish chart and guys are going to work hard to get more people to listen to it not only in Sweden but abroad as well.
During the last week band has appeared on Swedish TV making a colourful performance of their first and the latest singles - "Mercy Mercy" and "We Are The Drums" and also performed at Finnish MTV3 TV show with "America", Denmark and Germany are next countries to get visits of Le Kid so don't dare miss them if you live there.

Erik Segerstedt - Break The Silence

It's been a long time since Erik Segerstedt reaching the final of Idol-2006 has started solo-career releasing debut solo-album "A Different Shade" - very atmospheric melodic pop-rock work that peaked at #2 of Swedish chart, soon Erik has become part of E.M.D. with all their glorious history.
The only solo-single Erik presented during the latest years was E.M.D.'s Melodifestivalen reject "Saturday Night" but now singer releases new track that he was touring with all the summer.
"Break The Silence" is that sort of pop-rock songs you could easily imagine on the first Erik's album or being performed by Martin Stenmarck. It's tuneful and explosive with a slight soundtrack-feeeling and that sort of formula when piano intro turns epic chorus with screaming guitars, loud drums and everything that still works due to videos from Rix Fm festival with all that wild reaction of Mr. Segerstedt's fans.
We'll be incredibly surprised if we won't see Erik as the next E.M.D. guy in the top of Melodifestivalen-2012 final.

Carola sings Elvis and Barbra in Nyhetsmorgon

Carola was officially announced as a part of Swedish The Voice team of coaches with Ola Salo, Petter and Magnus Uggla, what a nice chance to give a new round of promotion to her #1 tribute-album "Elvis, Barbra & Jag" so currently Sweden gets loads of Carola in media and we know it's just a beginning before The Voice fever.
Today Carola visited Nyhetsmoron with a bunch of lovely Elvis/Barbra covers, you can watch all performances below.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tove Styrke – Call My Name (Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman Remix)

Tove Styrke has made pretty successful shot with a new single "Call My Name" that already pretends to become one of the biggest hits of autumn-2011 in Sweden.
Initially released as one track single gets mixing support of Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman who recently worked with Therese, Lo-Fi-Fnk and some others fresh artists. Result has become absolutely incredible club killer, powerful, explosive and corresponding to amazingness of original version.

Pandora feat. Stacy - Why-Magistral

Pandora keeps working on East-European direction after remaking her old track "Why" from the album "Changes" (1996) with young Latvian singer Stacy.
Team tries to promote the song in Russia and here you can see a new attempt - recently shot video for this song.
Talking about the song, its really nice remake serving good for its aim and target audience, it gets some buzz and hopefully video can drag more attention.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pryda – 2Night

As you could notice guys last week here is a lack of updates, it's because I'm currently on vacation and can't promise more than one-two posts in a day, I'll be doing my best to keep this blog warm however.
Here is a brand new single "2Night" of club genious Eric Prydz who will release it as Pryda on September 19th.
Not that this track is a long-awaited comeback, all Swedish House Mafia presents new stuff constantly but it's the first for a long time Pryda's song - piano-based house track with absolutely enjoyable disco-atmosphere and infectious melody that we get a strong hit-feeling from, hope you'll like it too.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lena Philipsson - Nästa Säsong

This year that has started with disco-comeback of Lena Philipsson has turned quite active with loads of tv-performances, preparing new anniversary show (celebrating 25 years as an artist) and it's just a beginning for one of the most beloved pop-divas of Sweden.
Lena will release new album (that she worked on with Veronica Maggio, Christian Falk, Kleerup, Mauro Scocco and Markus Krunegård) already on November 30th and new sneak peek from it is single "Nästa Säsong" written by Björn Olsson (Håkan Hellström, Soundtrack of our Lives) and produced by Mattias Glavå (Anna Järvinen, Broder Daniel). Lena changes direction from disco this time as it's (like you could expect watching credits) is acoustic pop-ballad you can usually hear from some Swedish indie-pop artists.
Probably it's not what schlager-fans of Lena are gonna fall for directly but I'm sure it's right what Lena has to release to bring her back to Swedish audience.
Thanx for this interesting tip to Oswalds Popcorn.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Broken Door - Hey You (video)

We love the way how hard Broken Door work with every single they release!
It's almost 5 months since we've written about the latest band's single "Hey You" but guys are still pushing it forward.
This time Broken Door presents video for "Hey You" that is live performances documentary (thing that always was working and is working still), you can check it right below and don't forget to check awesome Mattias Rask remix if you've missed it.

Loreen - Sober

Whole summer Loreen was teasing us and we were teasing you about her upcoming release - second single after incredible "My Heart Is Refusing Me" - "Sober" and finally it's officially out!
From the first listen "Sober" goes in the same direction as Loreen's previous track, it's all around dancing on a broken glass, ballad dramatical marching verses explode with Swedish House Mafia-smelling choruses and all range of Loreen's emotional vocal.
It just couldn't disappont us as Loreen has presented right what fans expected from her but what still sounds fresh and pretty strong as new single choice.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Linnea Henriksson - Väldigt kär/Obegripligt ensam (video)

Linnea Henriksson has premiered video for her absolutely awesome debut solo single "Väldigt kär/Obegripligt ensam".
Video looks mostly like live-cut, not the most high budget video to be honest but we don't care when the song is amazing and we can see the artist we like so much.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Caotico & Tove Styrke - Brains Out

New Tove Styrke's hit comes in collaboration with the band Caotico from Umeå!
Caotico and Tove present new single and video "Brains Out" which is absolutely lovable track with a funky careless mood and soft electronic sound that Tove owns completely with her purring relaxed vocal. We're sure track would fit singer's next album perfectly so we keep our fingers crossed it will happen.
Song has already joined the latest Tove's solo single "Call My Name" in the top of iTunes.

Gravitonas - Lucky Star

New Gravitonas' single "Lucky Star" was premiered at Crimea Music Fest in Ukraine earlier this week, concert was broadcasted and we get a chance to check this track in a good quality right now.
If you think you know what you can expect from Gravitonas you'll be surprised as "Lucky Star" feels absolutely different comparing with previous band's (or any other Bard's projects) works. It's still pop, pop with a huge songwriter's attention to melody, it's much more acoustic then tracks on Gravitonas' earlier EPs, very dreamy but quite dynamic.
I can't directly say if this track will become band's big breakthrough in Sweden (though I really love it) but it sounds like what radio stations adore when it comes to internal artists so after big hit with "Everybody Dance" this song can attach Gravitonas to Russian market very well.
EP "Lucky Star" will be out on September 14th containing mixes from Niklas Pettersson, Adam Rickfors, SoundFactory and many others. Video is on the way and here you can check some pics from shooting.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jon Ink - Tell It To My Face

Right when we've started to think we've lost latest webjoker winners from the spotlight forever we've got a new track from Jonas Matsson re-launching his career under the name Jon Ink.
"Tell It To My Face" is a radical turn from acoustic raggae-pop of "On My Own" to explosive "My Life Would Suck Without You" pop-rock with a heavily buzzing electronic arrangement, very refreshing and catchy track. Hope everything will go well for Jonas, he is talented artist and we respect that he comes up with new creative ideas.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Le Kid - Oh Alright

Finally it's happened!!! Long-awaited album of Le Kid "Oh Alright" is officially released. We've been writing about almost every of its 11 tracks before so this time I'm gonna talk only about new unheard ones.
This small bunch of songs not presented before has turned to our big pleasure to anything but fillers, this album actually has no fillers at all.
"Kiss Me" (Le Kid's reject of Melodifestivalen-2010) is a bit calmer and happier sister of "Mercy Mercy" with its careless "Save Your Kisses for Me" retro-atmosphere. "Bigger Than Jesus" is to "America" what "America" was to "We Should Go Home Together" getting dreamier and diving into electropop waters. "Seventeen" is amazing example of marching "If U Seek Amy" pop striking with a beat and gripping with a lyrics.
To summarize things "Oh Alright" has become one of undoubtfully best Swedish albums of 2011, delicious mix of melodic electronic sound, jazzy vibes and pure pop with a solid production and holistic concept so we really, no, extremely recommend this album if you haven't got it yet.

Linda Sundblad in XL Live

Lucky, lucky us... Linda Sundblad's next Swedish single "Trasig" is on the way and singer promotes her new music in acoustic sets all over Sweden latest months, we could earlier check her new single in Nyhetsmorgon and today Linda has become a guest of XL live performing "Intim", "Trasig" and absolutely new track "Händerna På Täcket" in acoustic. Sure we follow Linda with all those warm Melodifestivalen memories of her lovely acoustic performance in Stockholm we were lucky enough to visit this spring.

Velvet - Love Struck

Wonderful Jenny "Velvet" Pettersson is back with new all sorts of amazing single "Love Struck", not that we expected anything less from her.
New track was floating around last months initially as a short sample and remix from 7th heaven, that you can listen to in a full length here and finally we can check original version.
I should say that "Love Struck" is pretty different from all previous Velvet's stuff, it's not so disco oriented, Jenny explores new dance-area this time, first track coming to my mind here is "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love Again" and it's not gonna disappoint anyone as it's still highest class Swedish pop and when it's Velvet, it just has to be like this.
We missed you, Jenny, we missed you so much!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Music pieces of Stockholm Pride-2011

Schlagerkvällen-2011 (big annual schlager-gala on August Stockholm Pride's week) wasn't the most fantastic in years, you can read review of Schlagerprofilerna's Ronny here and English translation on Schlagerfiasko.
Personally we wouldn't be too excited about this concert too but if we'll take a look at the whole week there was a lot of performances and involved artists that we'd really like to see.
Unfortunately there's a huge lack of qualitative videos on youtube this year (if you're ok with it you can find some Alcazar, Sanna, Shirley's Angels, Jenny Silver, etc. performances) so I've chosen just two of enjoyable quality and interesting songs we were talking about recently. To be more exact live premiere of Man Meadow's single "Eaten Alive" (nice to see that band is back on track in a great shape) and performance of amazing Glorious Inc's "Dance or Die".

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Moniker - I'll Drag You Up

After a big successful year Daniel "The Moniker" Karlsson releases another single from his Top-10 album "Maktub" and it's "I'll Drag You Up" - nice follow-up of "Oh My God!" - happy careless britpop smelling track wrapped in a special The Moniker's pack.
Today we've got what was announced as a single remix but there's nothing too different in this version, it's just a radio edit with a slightly increased tempo and refreshed arrangement. Very good choice though, one of the best songs of the album.
Right after Melodifestivalen The Moniker was takling to media that next year he's gonna win with a ballad, we're wondering if he's still up with this idea.

Full Of Keys - Desolate / Suicide Bridge

Remember about debut-single "All The Roses" of new amazing electronic project Full Of Keys I told you about earlier this summer?
Anni Bernhard hiding behind the name of Full Of Keys has prepared another one and this time it's a double A-side single "Desolate/Suicide Bridge" coming in a pack with one long video for both tracks.
"Desolate" is quite lighter than "All The Roses", we would compare it with Conjure One/Delirium going acoustic, still it's deep, melancholic but hopefull and the video turns it more positive if we'll remember some scary moments of previous video. "Suicide Bridge" on the other hand is pretty depressive piano-based ballad, beautiful and emotional though. We don't have idea if we'll get Full Of Keys album in a close future but the project is utterly awesome! You should work hard if you're newcomer in electronic music but that's what team obviously does, they just need a bit of luck to make a big breakthrough and hope they'll make it as soon as possible.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kalle Moraeus and his guests

We've got a new music tv-show "Moraeus med mera" at SVT, artists visit Kalle Moraeus singing their (and not only) hits with a live band and it feels...well, at least original, we didn't expect "In The Club" to go as folk as it sounded.
it's not gonna be too much about pop-goodies but fans of Scendinavian folk-atmosphere should be definitely pleased.
First episode's guests were Danny with his own latest singles, Danish singer Mads Langer, one and only Jill Johnson with new song "While You're Sleeping" and Hammerfall.

Danny - Tonight
Danny, Jill, Joacim, Mads & Kalle - Beatrice
Kalle Moraeus - Hjortingens Polka
Mads Langer - Microscope
Jill Johnson - While You're Sleeping
Danny och Kalle - In The Club
Jill Johnson & Joacim Cans - Alone
Hammerfall - B.Y.H

Andreas Johnson in Nyhetsmorgon

Andreas Johnson has presented his latest single "Buzzin'" in Nyhetsmorgon today giving proper energy volume to that as stable and professional performance as we expected from him. Nice feature of the show was performance of new song "I dag kommer aldrig mer" written and recorded with Niklas Strömstedt as a sneak peek to their live show "Oslagbart" with Pernilla Andersson and Petra Mede. It's a bit too retro for us to get buzzin' around but we've found out that Andreas in Swedish sounds pretty good, maybe he should record his next album in Swedish? It's trendy these days!