Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lustans Lakejer, Jenny Silver and Marina Schiptjenko in Nyhetsmorgon

History of Swedish synth-band Lustans Lakejer has roots in 70ies and though the biggest commercial success of the band was back in 80s bringing some well charted hits, Lustans Lakejer still keeps respectable status falling into the spot of media with new releases. When Agnes was disqualified on Melodifestivalen-2007 Lustans Lakejer has entered instead with the song "Allt vi en gång trodde på" but has taken only 7th place.
However band has come back this year with new single "Det Verkade Så Viktigt Då" and new album "Elixir" to be released in a few days on January 26th. And still we can call it schlager-related stuff, not just because Lustans Lakejer music sounds a lot like synth-schlager to our ears but because of second single - duet with Jenny Silver "Eld & Vatten" who's going to take part in MF just in 2 weeks. Quite intimate song that turned to be smoking hot in live performance. This mini-gig even featured not less than Marina Schiptjenko (BWO, Vacuum, Page) as keyboard-player and backing singer (that made us realize how much we miss her after BWO's break-up!). Another new presented song was "Skönhet kräver ingen tolkning".

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