Friday, January 7, 2011

Still standing Army Of Lovers

Great thing (one of great things) about Army Of Lovers is that it never disappears completely and its members stay in the spot constantly though the band was reformed almost 10 years ago.
For example Alexander Bard was on fire of creative activity (as every of last 20-30 years) with his new project Gravitonas in 2010. Jean-Pierre Barda was working in his beauty salong and sometimes (like few days ago on Love Generation twitter) you can find remarks of some artists visiting it. Michaela De La Cour worked on her solo-stuff, releasing new music and going abroad with performances. But who was in the biggest spot in the end of last year was Camilla Hennemark! First it all started from publications about Camilla as the only one star agreed to participate in new star-rehab tv-show (her depression, drug-addiction and financially catastrophical problems were discussed in press many years before) but then came the real hurricane when Swedish journalist Thomas Sjöberg has published book "Carl XVI Gustaf – Den motvillige monarken" ("Carl XVI Gustaf: The Unwilling Monarch") about private life of young King leading quite wild life (check bigger description of story here) where La Camilla was described as royal lover back in 90s and though publicity was shocked it was definitely hour of La Camilla! She's got a real media rush with interviews, visiting foreign tv-shows and sure not to reject all this rumours written in book (check few German interviews here and here and try to say La Camilla's smile isn't priceless!!!). However in a few months all this buzz has gone and now we are left in a waiting for La Camilla to come back with new scandals, though better we'd get her with some new music stuff.
Long time I didn't tell you about some nice mash-ups so here's great reason to tell!
If you're fan of Alexander Bard's project you should visit youtube-channel of Maxim Andreev to check some truly great videomixes, mashups, etc. for Army Of Lovers, Alcazar, BWO, Vacuum and Gravitonas is on the way to appear there. Here's one of examples - mash-up of "King Midas" and Eric Prydz's "Pjanoo", isn't sexy Jean-Piere's vocal works brilliant with instrumental of modern club classic export hit of Sweden? And doesn't whole "there was a king with magic hands..." lyrics sound with a new sarcastic sence when you look at this video? Check this terrific mix and loads of other interesting works here!

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