Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sneak peak of new Roxette's album "Charm School"

New Roxette's album "Charm School" will appear in stores less than in 3 weeks - on February 11th. Loads of fans hold their breath before this great event but we can already check what it sounds like!
With a first single "She's Got Nothing on (But The Radio)" Roxette has marked a trend of looking back to their roots and watching at album in common it's like compilation of the most significant moments in their discography. You can feel magic "Wish I Could Fly" atmosphere of "Speak To Me", sincere and calm "Crash! Boom! Bang!" sound of "I'm Glad You Called", blasting "Real Sugar" choruses of "Big Black Cadillac". It's old good Roxette, not pretending to hit charts all over the world, just bringing pleasure to fans and themselves just because they have to and it's a good thing as this album obviously was made quite harmonically and with love. Marie's voice sounds clean and touching as it was 10 and 20 years ago, pretty incredible but definitely positive thing! Live disk also sounds like a great treat for fans as Per and Marie vocally deliver all energy and emotions with a top professional level.
It's hard to predict how big commercially this album will be but undoubtfully "Charm School" will become shiny point of Roxette's discography and I hope "Only when I Dream", "Big Black Cadillac" and "Speak To Me" will be next singles.

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